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We are small hobby kennel located in Canaan, Connecticut. Our goal is to maintain and preserve the working qualities of the German Shepherd Dog. We enjoy a dog that is always ready for fun or work, yet calm in the house or kennel. We like a German Shepherd that is strongly bonded with his owner, shows solid nerve, strong temperament, and is full of character. On occasion we may breed a litter, but only under the strict guidelines set forth by the German SV.

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We welcome visitors to come meet the dogs anytime by appointment. We are also happy to refer you to other reputable breeders in the area if we have nothing that meets your needs. I only utilize dogs in my breeding program that are genetically and physically�sound and healthy, have working titles, conform to the breed standard,�and have met the requirements for�a breed survey under the German SV system. The dogs�must also�prove to be strong, consistent producers that can maintain these standards in the progeny they produce. I do not�accept excuses to fall short of these requirements. I breed to maintain strong working dog qualities in the German Shepherd Dog, not to produce watered down examples of the breed to satisfy the pet market.�I am also a�source of support/advice for the lifetime of my puppies for example:  natural cure for UTI

We are long time members of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, with which von Rokanhaus is a registered kennel name. We are also full members of The Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club.


"To breed for GSD pets is exactly what [will] kill this breed and will eventually take it down to a breed worth nothing more than any other mutt coming out of the pound. I like to think that this breed, if no other, is more special than that, and has a function and purpose. Never should someone breed a dog who will fit into all lifestyles of the people looking. In all cases, the people looking must be able to conform their lifestyles to the breed that they have chosen. If they can't - - [they ought to] choose a different breed." -- Grace Keh

"Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim". Max v. Stephanitz

"Efficiency for work must count for more with the shepherd dog breeder than the honours of the Show Ring.The Queen of the Ball-Room is generally not a good mother." ~Max v. Stephanitz




G-Force von Rokanhaus aka "Jester" won the Agility Victor and High Scoring Award at the GSD Nationals!! We are overwhelmed with excitement



Neci von Kleinen Teich, a Hawk daughter, is the newly crowned New England Regional Schutzhund 1 Champion!!! Way to go Jen!!



G-Force von Rokanhaus, aka "Jester" took home 3 first and 1 second placements at his very first agility trial debut at a mere 16 months old!!



Quote from National level and WUSV helper Jim Laubmeier when asked about his favorite dog to receive the "Helper's Favorite Award" after the 2008 AWDF Championship, "That would Hawk! But I guess we can't nominate our tryout dog..." Video was taking of Jim at the Helper Try-Out using Hawk, and will be on the WUSV web site to showcase Jim's skills as a World Level helper. You can get a sneak peak of this video on Hawk's page!


Ari von Rokanhaus, aka "K9 Kenny" is now a dual purpose K9 with the New York State Police. "Kenny" is certified in Patrol and Narcotics Detection. We are so proud of our Ari!!!



Malachi vom Eichenluft,(aka Munch) earned his CGC, at 11 months old, and his Delta certification at 16 months old, with his owner Wanda!!! "Munch" is a Hawk son.



Caiman von Rokanhaus earned his SchH3 with his owner Glenn Jones. We are very thrilled for Caiman and Glenn!



We send our enormous congratulations out to Cetan von Rokanhaus aka "Bullet" and his owner Janet. Bullet certified for human remains detection and at just 13 months old!!!!! Woohoo!!!


Anya von Rokanhaus earned her SchH1 title and her AD!!!!!


Degen earned her SG show rating at the 2008 New England Regional Conformation Show!


Mercedes von Hayden, a Hawk daughter, recently earned her SchH1 title!!! Go Kim and Mercedes!!



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