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Doc has several litters on the ground or expected soon from outside breedings. Feel free to contact us for contact information regarding those litters and we will be happy to refer you.

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Our puppies consistently exhibit high drive, a natural willingness to please, complete confidence, and athletic ability making them perfect candidates for Schutzhund, agility, competition obedience, police work, detection, or any other working endeavor. These pups will grow up to be dogs that NEED something to do, be it involvement in any dog sport or activity, and/or a high involvement in their owner's everyday life. They will also highly benefit from a well balanced, active, and confident leader.


Special consideration is always given to experienced handlers in Schutzhund or similiar dog sport, and Search and Rescue. If you are interested in any of these litters, we welcome you to make an appointment and come and meet the dogs. Please include the application at the bottom of this page, as inquiries will not be given full and serious attention without it.

All of our puppies will be AKC registered, tattooed, microchipped, and guaranteed. We follow Dr. Jean Dodds vaccination protocol, and therefore all puppies are vaccinated with distemper and parvo only at around 7-7.5 weeks of age.

Our way of puppy raising is undertaken with the complete and full time effort to insure the best foundation has been laid. Of course the dam is provided with the best health care and nutrition possible, along with being treated with love and affection so she is relaxed and completely comfortable, happy, and trusting of us with her brood. From day one, the puppies are exposed to small vibrations from various noises, different textures and smells, and frequent handling. As they become mobile and aware of their surroundings, the whelping box is frequently moved and redesigned to constantly expose them to new things. The puppies exposure to new footing, toys, articles, various play area set ups, new people, sights, sounds, etc is never ending as they grow and develop. Starting at around 5 weeks old, they go on frequent car rides and begin to enjoy trips to various businesses and partake in outdoor adventures to further widen their exposure. It is a fact that puppies that are heavily socialized and exposed to as many new situations as possible while at a young age are more likely to develop into healthy, temperamentally stable, and friendly adults.

Please click on the link for a copy of our puppy application if you are interested in a Rokanhaus puppy or to review our puppy guarantee.

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