V H'Doc vom Rex Lupus
SchH3(8X),IPO3,FH2, KKL1 for Life

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V H'Doc vom Rex Lupus
SchH3(8X), IPO3, FH2 (100pts), KKL1 for Life
Hips "a" Normal, ED-Normal, ZW 69

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We are very honored, thrilled, tickled pink, among other elated emotions to have "Doc" here. Imported from Germany, V(EXCELLENT) rated in structure, Multiple times National level competitor, SchH3, IPO3, AND FH2!, calm and stable in social situations and in a home setting, this dog has it ALL.

Click Here for Doc's Pedigree!

Doc is literally a dream come true for me. Since pondering Hawk's retirement, I didn't think I would ever find a dog that gave me "sparks". "Sparks" were instantaneous with Doc. He is calm and quiet in the crate, kennel, and house. Doc has super drive, speed, and presence in everything that he does. In fact, my collar corrections are a mere annoyance to him, but his strong desire to get it right and earn his reward make it barely an issue. He is clear and calm in the head, with extreme drive for toys and food. Doc's grips are powerful and always full. His tracking is intense and precise. In fact, our training helper refers to him as THE TRACKING MACHINE. His obedience is quick and animated. Doc is friendly, yet aloof, in any social setting, and exhibits good manners with children and puppies. I simply cannot say enough about him except to truly appreciate him you must meet him person.

Unlike many stud dogs out there today, Doc has proven himself on the trial field MANY times, not just at club level, but several times at the Regional and National level. See below:

*SchH1 90-96-94=280
*SchH2 97-87-97=281
*SchH3 90-90-98=278
*FH 91
*FH2 96
*FH2 100
*Competed @ 2010 Working Dog Championship
*Competed @ 2010 AWDF Championship earning IPO3
*SNHWDC Club Trial, 99-87-95=281 qualifying for 2010 USA-GSD Nationals
*Competed @ 2010 New England Regional Championships 97-83-94=274, qualifying for 2010 USA-GSD Nationals.
*Competed @ 2010 USA-GSD National Championship 100-76-86=262
*SNHWDC Club Trial 96-84-91=271 qualifying for 2011 USA-GSD Nationals
*Competed @ the 2011 New England Regional Championships 91-84-0
*Competed at the 2011 USA-GSD National Championship 99-74-88=270. Highest Scoring Tracking Dog.

Training video taken January 2010:

Doc's sire, Hannes, is known to produce his extreme drives, strong hunt, sound nerves, and his "V" structure. Hannes was bred many times in Germany to improve overall structure. Doc's Grandfather, Quax v.d. Fasanerie SchH3 IP3 FH1, is a 2X BSP and the sire of many BSP, LGA and WUSV competitors. Quax is out of the excellent producer Cilly Wolfendobel SchH2 out of the great producer Carmen vom Rauen Eck SchH2. Hannes' dam, Wicki v.d Wanner Höhen SchH2, is a proven producer and whose sire is the great dog Boy v. Pendel Bach SchH3 IP3 BSP, who is out of the good producer Juma v. Petze SchH3 IP3 FH 3X BSP. Juma is the dam of the excellent A, B, D and E litters Pendel Bach. Wicki is out of one of the great modern producers, Deika v.d. Wannaer Höhen SchH3 BSP, dam of 5 BSP, 5 LGA. Wicki is from the litter that produced Wasko 2X BSP, Wendi BSP, Werner 4X LGA, Wero BSP, and the excellent producer Wespe.
Doc comes from producers of producers. Not just dogs that produce one generation of good dogs, but whose own sons and daughters have proven they too can produce exceptional dogs.

Doc is standing at stud to approved females. Contact us for more details. He has already produced several outstanding litters with progeny active in service dog work, schutzhund, agility, police K9's, and as outstanding family companions. They consistently exhibit stable nerve, self assureness, insatiable food drive, natural tracking ability, and are striking in appearance. Fresh chilled and frozen semen are also available.

Training video taken in March 2010

As I always say, here at Rokanhaus we WILL NOT train or compete with a dog that we can't tolerate in our home or incorporate into our everyday lives. Doc is easy to hang out with, and LOVES to go for a ride in the backseat of my truck.

BANNER JUMPS: We do this for fun at our club and to work on the dog's jumping ability. This video is Doc's first time. As you can see, it takes him about 2 jumps to figure it out, but he confronts the challenge head on and this dog can LAUNCH!



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