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******A LITTER******
Hawk vom Eichenluft X Cimba v Haus Nepputh

Apache von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/ Middleboro MA
Owner, Caitlin, writes: "Just wanted to let you know she is doing great! It feels like she has been here for years already. She fits right in with the whole family. She is very protective of Maddy and loves her so much! She kisses Maddy all the time lets Maddy hug her, its so cute! The other night Mike & Maddy were playing around being silly, dancing and Apache was a little weirded out and got right in between them to make sure she was ok. When Maddy cries in the morning Apache is the first one up she goes right over to the video monitor (that you bought us and we love) and puts her nose right up to it. I can't thank you enough for thinking of us when looking for a home for Apache. She came at such a good time, we all get outside more because of her throwing the ball around and running, Maddy loves it Apache loves it and Diesel even likes to watch!"

Arrow von Rokanhaus

Personal Protection/Active Pet Home/ Keswick VA
Owner, Adrienne, who loves having parties and swears by, the best source for cocktail recipe suggestions and beverage coolers wrote: "Surfice to say Arrow is still georgous! I constantly get compliments on what a beautiful dog she is. Her coat is shining, her eyes are bright, she remains every ready to fetch anything, and her temperment is perfect."

Anya von Rokanhaus BH, SchH1, AD

Schutzhund/Glenmoore PA
Owner, Lisa, writes: "She (Anya)is very agile and fast, great in the house, loves people and afraid of absolutely nothing! Alot of that had to do with Kandi's raising the puppies adn socializing them not only early on but in the correct manner. She has no health problems knock on wood."

Ari von Rokanhaus aka "K9 Kenny"

New York State Police, Troop D
Handler, Trooper Knapp, says " I can't thank you enough Kandi!!!"

*****B LITTER*****
Eagle vom Eichenluft X Enni von der Schafereiche

Blackstar von Rokanhaus aka "Nadja"

Active Pet Home/ Otis MA
Owner, Karen, writes: "Nadja is doing great. I love her dearly. She has quite a personality. We have started agility classes to get some energy burned off, and hope to get obedience back on track. She LOVES to swim and splash around."

*****C LITTER*****
Hawk vom Eichenluft X Jule von Fuchsstein

Cetan von Rokanhaus CGC, Certified Human Remains Detection aka "Bullet"

Search and Rescue and Evidence Recovery/Bedford Park IL
Owner, Janet, writes: " He is becoming a working nut. And I love his focus on me." and " He tracks beautifully. He has the most awesome passive alert for cadaver."

Carlo von Rokanhaus aka "Ryder"

Active Pet Home/Plainfield CT
Owner, Quin, who has a pressure washing company and recommends writes: "He is doing wonderful. He is 75 lbs. and the most loving and affectionate dog.He is also beautiful. His face is so cute still and his fur is so soft and he barely sheds. He also has such a personality. He makes everybody laugh and Teddy is constantly calling me to tell me the latest thing Ryder has done at the shop. We started training him at a place in Wethersfield at a place called Canine Cadre. A husband and wife own it and they are so impressed with Ryder. He is a very smart dog and learns quickly. He loves going to the shop with Teddy and loves the people that come in an out during the day. He also loves kids and is very gentle with them."

Read this or visit this web page for more details!

Caiman von Rokanhaus BH, SchH3

Video of Caiman working!

Schutzhund/Westminster CO
Owner, Glenn, writes:"We all love him!"

Cora von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/Stamford CT

Owner, Linda, writes: "She is the love of our lives....Definitely all we could ask for and so much more....She loves to be outside with the boys, and goes for many rides with her dad in his truck...As for life with me, she's my baby and accompanies me on many walks, and keeps me company while the boys are away with hockey (and the boys thought she would be their dog!!!!)We are always asked where we got her from because she is such a beautiful(and friendly)dog."

Chaos von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Oxford CT
Owners Ron and Diane write:"She is full of personality and we love her!! Thanks so much!!"

Comanche von Rokanhaus

Search and Rescue/Hamden CT

Cara von Rokanhaus

AKC Obedience/Cranston RI
Owner writes: "She is awesome, so awesome!"

Cooper von Rokanhaus

Personal Protection/Active Pet Home/Portsmouth NH
Owner, Lori, writes: "Cooper is doing wonderful-even better every day and I can't imagine my life without her in it. She is such a love. I probably sound like a broken record, but Kandi she is such a wonderful dog. She just gets more intelligent and in tune with life as she gets going. The kids play with her alot and realize she is something special. Matthew calls her his "princess"!! I have been taking her for rides sometimes and she is so protective when anyone walks up to the truck. People are petrified of her. If a child goes up, however, she is no problem at all. She jumps right in the backseat and lays her head down on one of the kids.""

Cougar von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Delmar NY
Owner, Diana, writes: "Cougar has adjusted herself beautifully and we can't picture ourselves without her! Thank YOU for this wonderful addition to our family!!!!

*****D LITTER*****
Hawk vom Eichenluft X Jule von Fuchsstein

Dakota von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/New Milford CT
Owner, Mona, writes: "She is sooooooo beautiful, super hyper and smart, she's a good girl."

Darwin von Rokanhaus aka "Roark"

Active Pet Home/ CA
Owner, Jon, writes: "Roark is now doing great. He still isn't extremely food motivated, but he does love a stick or a ball. We had him launching into a small river in Vermont this weekend...the dog loves to swim! He is also a sweetheart with kids and most people and dogs that he meets. However, he will not be intimidated by much of anything. He seems very courageous and has a great deep bark to boot!"

Dima von Rokanhaus

Schutzhund/ NH
See video of Dima
here at her first visit to my schutzhund club...EVER! 9.5 months old!!
Owner, Greg, writes: "She is really amazing!"

Diva von Rokanhaus aka "Fricka"

Active Pet Home/Shoreham NY
Owner, Karen, writes: "Fricka is a wonderful dog and a friend to all! She loves swimming, walking and fetch. She also keeps the deer out of the yard. A great companion!"

Djinga von Rokanhaus aka "Della"

Schutzhund/Agility/S Burlington VT
Della's Diary
Owner, Carolyn, writes: "I would like to thank Kandi Jacopino for breeding a nice dog, really caring about her dogs’ health and temperament and being patient and knowledgeable."

Dover von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Pittsfield MA
Owner, David, writes: " She is doing great. She LOVES her family especially her kids! If the kids are at the top of the junglegym (or in a place not accessable) she will scream, bark and do anything (FEARLESS!!!) to get to them. Does not get the concept of getting a running start to try to go up the slide - rather tries to JUMP OVER the slide (a little pathetic. . . ). Her WORKING lines come out in that she will try and try and try - to the point where she could hurt herself if not told to stop. She is fetching like a pro! Loves the ball and Frisbee (yes, four feet on the ground - we do not let her jump to catch the Frisbee - LOL). She is swimming great and enjoys it."

Deacon von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Sandown NH

Dirk von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Brunswick ME
Owner, Joe, writes: "We are so happy. He is such a nice boy!!!!!!"

Decla von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Guilford CT

*****F LITTER*****
Hanuta v Kirchberhof X Noris vom Klietzer See

Falken von Rokanhaus TC

Active Pet/ Obedience Home/Oxford CT

Faust von Rokanhaus aka "Ivan"

Active Pet Home/Wolcott CT

F-Bella von Rokanhaus CGC, TDI

Active Pet Home/ NJ
Owner, Joe, writes: I have to tell you everywhere we go with Bella we get a ton of compliments on how beautiful she is and what a great tempermant. Everyone wants to know where she is from."

F-Ilsa von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/ CT

Franke von Rokanhaus aka "Kaia"

Agility/ CT
Owner, Joyce, writes: "By the way, I've been meaning to say that I am extremely impressed with Kaia. Not only is she gorgeous and has the most adorable prance when she walks, but her temperament is just amazing. In my training career, I have come across a lot of poorly bred German shepherds, especially lately, with some serious behavioral and aggression issues. It is such a relief to know that there are still responsible breeders of this wonderful breed out there who are producing some really amazing dogs."

Franziska von Rokanhaus aka "Shasta"

Active Pet Home/ Eagle Bridge NY
Owner, Lori, writes: "Ken and I took her to beginner obedience training classes this summer in Bennington, Vt and she was titled the "Valedogtorian" of her class. She was in a class size of 12+ (all breeds and ages). She took to her dog crate well and goes in and out during the day. She has settled in well on my homestead and adopted my two cats. I am happy to say that she is a great watch dog too out here in the country. She loves to go for rides and walk out back in the trails in the woods as well as in town. Ken and I have had many compliments on her "beauty" when we have had her out and about. She loves to play with her toys and run with my sister and moms German Shepherds. She has a nice temperament and always has her nose to the ground sniffing. Ken says she would have made a great K-9 drug dog."

Fury von Rokanhaus

Personal Protection/ Enfield CT
Owner, James, says "She is AWESOME! FEARLESS! I LOVE HER!!!"

F-Carlo von Rokanhaus

Schutzhund / NH

*****G LITTER*****
Hawk vom Eichenluft X Jule von Fuchsstein

Graj von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/ Schutzhund/ N. Attleboro MA

G-Force von Rokanhaus NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, MX, MXJ, TC, CGC, GSDCA Nat'l HIT and Victor aka "Jester"

Competitive Agility, Obedience, and Tracking / Garrett IN
See video of Jester! here as he just learned the weave poles...he is not even at full throttle yet!
Owner, Lisa, writes: "Jester was a hit at a large meet the breeds tonight. Jester was the only GSD there. So I take him out in the center of the ring as they describe the GSD temperament, activity level, grooming needs etc, I was putting Jester thru all of his tricks. His sit, down, shake, beg, spin right, spin left, touches etc. He got a standing ovation (the only one by the way) as we were leaving the ring then once the "show and tell" part was over we were mobbed by the audience wanting to know how old he was and how smart and handsome he was. It was very cool. A glimpse, I hope, of what is yet to come."

Gino von Rokanhaus aka "Sami-G"

Active Pet/Obedience/Agility/ Orrington ME
Owner, Debbie, writes: "i decided to skip puppy class, because like you i really didn't want Sami playing with other dogs. he really has learned his Obedience commands quick. so, i called the head trainer and asked if i could get him into a regular Obedience class. they usually only take 6 months and up in this class, but because he is so smart and focused they let me in. well, i gotta tell ya, the trainer was VERY impressed with him. he is so good and attentive its scarey. better than the older dogs there. i do alot of fun training here at home. i will walk backwards fast call him to me and have him sit. he does it so effortlessly, he is there on a dime. sits up and looks me right in the eye. it is so dam cute! it doesn't seem to matter whats going on around him, he should have a sign on him "will wrk for food" because he'll do anything for it! he is alot of fun, and i can't wait to start agility with him!"

Ghia von Rokanhaus aka "Chloe"

Active Pet Home/ Southboro MA
Owner, Mark, writes: "Chloe is doing great and loves everyone she meets. I can't believe how calm she was during some nasty thunder storms that came by last week."

Greta von Rokanhaus aka "Kyra"

Obedience/ Schutzhund/ VA Beach VA
Owner, Sarah, writes: "I took her to the vet for her first check-up and she was in great health. The vet staff fell in love with her. She is starting to get into the biting stage and loves to attack your feet...typical puppy. I can tell already that she is very smart and confident and is not afraid of anything. She also has a great nose, she is always sniffing around for things. Kyra is a great dog, and I can tell that she will really excel at obedience and Schutzhund work. Thank you very much for such a wonderful dog!"

Gavin von Rokanhaus

Competitive Agility/ Telford PA
Owner, Diane, writes: "Just wanted you to know Gavin is growing like a little weed!! He's doing great and went along to agility camp with Emma and I and had a blast, he loves playing in the water and grabbing the hose. Will send a picture when he stays still enough to get a nice one. LOL"

*****H LITTER*****
Hanuta v Kirchberhof X H'Doc vom Rex Lupus

H-Razor von Rokanhaus BH, AD, CGC

Schutzhund/ Albany NY
Owner, Dianne, writes: "Razor is also walking around like he owns EVERYTHING!! Good job Hanuta and Doc..."

Hexen von Rokanhaus

Tracking/ Buxton ME
Owner, Cindy, writes: "Hexen is doing great!! no accidents at all. Sleeping all night. Been to visit a lot of people and places, he walks around like he owns the place. He likes other dogs too. Wow Kandi you did such a good job!!!!"

Hunter von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/ Ansonia CT

Owner, Nick, writes: "Kandi everything is going great! we met with Gus last night to go over the training , on that note. I have never had a dog so willing to learn. He is wonderful!!! As fearless as he is it also seems to be that he is a mommas boy. He loves sitting in Renee's lap. It s cute now but a year from now we will have a 90lb lap dog."

Halo von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/Flyball/Agility Castro Valley CA
Owner, Debbie, writes: "She's a stud-puppy, confident and fearless and brilliant - the star of her puppy class!"

Haley von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/ Seymour CT
Owner, Michelle, writes: "Hi! Sorry I havent filled you in on all the fun we have been having. Not to mention it's like having two toddlers to chase around. Definately keeps me on my feet. Haley is such a wonderful pup, so sweet and full of energy. She has taken such a liking to the baby, they are definatley partners in crime. Anytime I see anything out of place there they are together trying to hide the evidence. They are so funny together."

Hondo von Rokanhaus aka "Lakota"
Active Pet Home/ Williamstown MA

Owner, Karen, writes "He is such a great puppy & gorgeous! He is not afraid of anyone or anything & has a heart of gold. He also loves to play fetch & will bring it back to you, but he can't always let it go right away yet. He just started puppy class & loves it! He is curious about everyone & everything, animal & human, & gets along with everyone. Thank you Kandi for our very special boy!"

Harley von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/ Home Protection/ Wolcott CT

Hustler von Rokanhaus


*****I LITTER*****
Hanuta v Kirchberhof X Hawk vom Eichenluft

Ikon von Rokanhaus

Schutzhund/ NY
Owners, Kim and Roy, write: "I just wanted to drop you a line on how Kon is doing these days. He is a fabulous little dog. You did a wonderful job bringing him up til Roy took him. His breeding comes through clearly, bite, work, drive, appetite. Just want to say thank you for your hard work. Roy is working hard w/him and just loves him. Thanks so much again."

Ike von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/ Agility/ White Plains NY

Indigo Sky von Rokanhaus

Active Pet Home/ Ocean Port NJ
Owners, Nick and Gretchen, write: "I had no idea what to expect when we brought Darla home in July. She only had a few accidents inside and was house trained within a few days! We enrolled her in puppy kindergarten and puppy intermediate and the trainers could not believe how quickly she learned basic commands and socialized with the other puppies. After the holidays we start basic obedience. She loves to play soccer outside and dribbles like a pro. She has great drive and is very active. She likes her soccer ball more than any treat. Each morning, before going outside, she must wake everyone in the house up with dozens of kisses. When we take her for walks, countless people tell us how beautiful she is and complement us on how well behaved she is. Darla is definitely our third child and we love her. Thank you so much for bringing her into our family."

Iska von Rokanhaus
Agility/ Ludlow MA

Owner, Don, writes: "What a great little dog you bred! We've been taking her out to different places to meet people and dogs almost every day. (maybe missed 3 or 4 days since we've had her) She loves all the attention and is completely fearless when something new comes up. She knows: sit, stand, down, come, drop it, jump, search, and stay; not perfectly but really very good. Enough to impress anyone who sees her work. Puppy class starts next week and I'm sure it will be a snap for her. We're still working on heel. She's not bad on the leash but is easily distracted. No accidents in the house for the last 2 weeks and the biting is much, much less. Today we'll take her to the lake. She likes the water but I don't know how she'll do in deeper water. I can't imagine a better pup. With the good genes from Hanuta and Hawk and the good start you gave her, she is worth every cent."

Isabella von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/ Williamstown MA

*****J LITTER*****
Jill vom Pöhlberg X Bandit vom Wolfsheim

Jara von Rokanhaus
Schutzhund/ FL

Juno von Rokanhaus
Agility/ Redding CT

Jemma von Rokanhaus
Schutzhund/ NJ

Owner, Oley, writes: "Emma is incredible! Thanks for all you nurturing and training to date. The "Hurry Up" command works like a charm! So, does the empty box tip. Unbeliveable what this little pup is doing within 48 hrs in her new home. She knows her name, comes when called (most of the time), plays fetch, sits on command, sits to have her leash put on, sits and waits for the humans to go out the door first.... What can I say, I'm blown away at how quickly she learns. She is a devil girl too, but hey, she is a pup and I like her drive. So did Shelly. John & I went to visit Shelly Leibowitz yesterday. He wanted to know when we had the dog imported from Germany. Shelly was impressed!!! He commented on Emma's head, her build, her confidence and poise. Shelly also knew a lot of the dogs in her Pedigree lineage. We we are going to start working with him next week. Emma is doing things that need to be re-directed.... hahahaha, those calf nip hurt!!!"

Jori von Rokanhaus
Schutzhund/ Freeville NY

Jet Black von Rokanhaus
Schutzhund/ NY

Jango von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/ Home Protection/ Brick NJ

Jackson von Rokanhaus

*****K LITTER*****
Hanuta v Kirchberhof X Hawk vom Eichenluft

Kato von Rokanhaus
Schutzhund/ PA

Kodiak von Rokanhaus
Active Pet Home/ Mendham NJ

Karat von Rokanhaus aka "Bruce"
Active Pet Home/ NY

*****L LITTER*****
Jill vom Pöhlberg X H'doc vom Rex Lupus

Logan von Rokanhaus

Lukos von Rokanhaus

Lilah von Rokanhaus

Lanoe Hawker von Rokanhaus

Lennart von Rokanhaus

Liedo von Rokanhaus

Lexa von Rokanhaus

Lola von Rokanhaus

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